What comes in defeat?

If you’re a Warriors follower like me, it’s a sad day to end an epic journey and a 73-9 run without winning the championship.

On the other hand, there’s joy in defeat. In losing, you’d get to be humbled, learn and accept it in the process. Happy for the Cavs and LBJ having a historic finals run and getting finally a championship after a 56-year drought. You can see through emotions how badly this team wants it. I feel that they really deserve it this time than last year. LBJ was humbled by the experience last year, and that’s how he’s motivated to be level-headed while aiming for the best. And he did well.

Happy for GSW to accept defeat in grace. Hopefully, like LBJ, they’d use it rather as an inspiration to strive harder. Steph is still my favorite basketball player. He thrives on something he has despite the lack of athleticism. LBJ is for sure one of the ย best players out there. Respect to both!

Irving sealed the deal. This guy is really something. Must watch he’d be one of the best players out there (if not possibly already the best but just overlooked like Kawhi).

Til next season! Hope my favorite team BOS will be better. That or GSW can avenge the title and bring the championship back to pay next season. ๐Ÿ˜€

That was an epic game 7. I will always be a basketball fan. ๐Ÿ™‚